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Safe hacking!
We have implemented safe raiding. Safe raiding can be done by scrolling onto the safe and selecting 'hack safe'.

Requirements: (1) base laptop, 15 players online.

A safe hack takes 20 minutes and gets both announced, and marked on the map. Hacking virtual garages has the same name, marker and hack time.

A hack can be stopped by either the hacker, the owner of the safe, or any other player that gets access to the base laptop. When the hacker gets killed or runs out of the zone (150m radius) the hack will be paused.

Both safe hacking and virtual garage hacking will require to have 15 players online AT THE START OF THE HACK.

Hacking cannot fail, but is limited to 2 hacks per TERRITORY per RESTART. You are allowed to have 2 base laptops raiding at the same time (either 2x safe or 2x VG or 1x safe & 1x VG).

Bear in mind that with this change, both FLAG and SAFES must be accessible by GATE or DOOR, up to a maximum of 3! This is not a new change but just a reminder.

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